Bezoek 13e Kundeling Rinpoche

Geboren in Rotterdam in 1954 en geordineerd als Bhikshuni in de Gelugpa traditie



Kundeling Rinpoche has a unique ability to easily forge relationships with people wherever he goes, often immersing himself in the local culture and traditions, even showing interest in the particular problems of the local populace. He supports interfaith dialogue and has participated in an open discussion with a Catholic priest in Sicily. He has even preached the Bible in a Catholic Church in Holland.

Studie & Leraren 


In 1979, Kundeling Rinpoche joined the monastic college of Drepung Gomang, where the 8th – 12th Kundeling Rinpoches had received their monastic education, and received teachings and instructions from erudite masters such as His Holiness Kyabje Zong Rinpoche, His Holiness Kyabje Dagom Rinpoche and Geshe Tendar.

Boeddhistisch sculptuurwerk

Veel van haar Boeddhistisch sculptuurwerk is over de hele wereld verspreid tot aan de Dorje Kangsten Tempel in Lhasa toe.

Dharmacentrum Padma Osel Ling

Na een lang verblijf in Engeland is ze nu de spirituele leraar van het Dharmacentrum Padma Ösel Ling in Middelburg.

Atisha project

The Atisha Schools Project
successfully established two kindergartens, one primary school and a Tailoring School and Workshop for women in the Indian villages near the large Tibetan settlements in Karnatanaka. The Trust also seeks sponsorships for poor and elderly monks, and sponsors for the health and educational needs of the poverty-stricken Tibetan and Indian children.

In het dharmacentrum wordt het hele programma in het Nederlands gegeven. Het unieke is dat moeilijk toegankelijke Boeddhistische teksten in de Nederlandse taal uitgelegd kunnen worden.


Dharmacentrum Padma Ösel Ling
Stichting Padma Zeeland
Verwerijstraat 51 a 4331 TB  Middelburg Zeeland